Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Most people have a squirrel

We have a Turkey Vulture.

He's been coming around for weeks now, and gradually we've gotten him farther and farther from the road so he won't get creamed. This morning he showed up early, at about 7:24. I thawed a piece of flounder for him, and when I went outside he started to run off. I kiss-kiss-kissed at him, and he literally came running back, I'm sure thinking, "FOOD!!" Chucked the flounder and he snarfed it down, then he walked off into the woods.

I don't know if his wing will ever heal to the point where he can fly again, and I hope we can nab him and get him to the rehabbers so he'll be safe.

Although at times my life can suck, it's never, ever boring.

Monday, February 27, 2006

How can $13 ruin a day?

Rich gave me $100 to go buy groceries and get the car inspected. After he left I realized I needed to replace the windshield wipers in order to pass inspection. Emailed him and he said it should be enough.

Spent $12 on blades.

Spent $69 at Food Lion. I only bought stuff that was on sale, and only bought stuff that was on my list.

That left me with $17. An inspection is $30.

Now, I know pregnancy can make you emotional, but damn. The despair I sank into because I can't afford anything. I feel like I never, ever have enough. And screw having any extra. I felt guilty for buying a bag of pumpkin seeds because they aren't necessary.

So. How can a person NOT let a matter of $13 ruin the day? I'd really love to know.