Sunday, September 03, 2006

39 weeks and 4 days

And I'm wondering when, if ever, this kid will come out. Yeah, maybe the previous post asking her to wait was a bit stupid.

I jump up and down in front of Rich occasionally just to hear him freak and yell, "STOP THAT!!!" You get your kicks where you can.

Last night I discovered a mini-Marathon of Law and Order SVU. It's the only one of them that Rich will watch. He's not a fan of the others. I don't think he realizes that I have the hots for Stabler. What chick doesn't? He's an actual MAN. And although he has odd features, they really work for him. I was up past 1am since I was sick anyway, and I kept myself entertained by staring at those shoulders for hours. Again, get your kicks where you can.

Oddly, Close Encounters is on SciFi right now, and I also have a huge crush on Richard Dreyfuss. Always have. And he's the Anti-Stabler. This is, I think, why men have no idea what women want.


Anonymous said...

yeah, but stabler has skeletons. for instance, he was the dumped fiance of julie roberts in that runaway bride flick....
personally i like tom hanks too. josh lucas, tom hanks, richard dreyfuss, harrison ford, sean connery, rod brind'amour.... hmmm. i don't see any similiarities. except that they are men. so just to fuck that up, lemme add angelina jolie to the list.

Kelly said...

Well sure, who doesn't like a guy who plays with his mashed potatoes? (I thought Dreyfuss was hot in The Goodbye Girl.)

Julie said...

Dreyfuss was exceptionally hot in Postcards from the Edge.

Even though he was only in it for like, 10 minutes total.

And then we have Dennis Quaid.


The list just keeps getting bigger...