Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Out with a Bang

Rich walked into the kitchen last night to find me with my arm down our dog Ginny's throat.

I had dropped a hot wing on the floor, and I'm sure everyone knows that dogs cannot eat cooked chicken bones because if they chew them, they'll splinter and can possibly kill the dog.

So I dropped it and Ginny, who is a sneak and faster than Superman, snarfed it up within 1 second. I know this was how long it took because I timed it. I literally in my head did the One Mississippi count, and hadn't even passed "Miss" when it was gone down her throat. I just wasn't fast enough to grab it back up. So I figured I'd do the next best thing, and to her surprise I pushed up my sleeve and shoved my hand and arm down her throat trying to retrieve it before it could cause any damage.

This is when Rich walked in and said, "Are you doing this because she ate it and you're worried, or are you doing this because you weren't done eating it yet?"

So I gave up, pulled my arm back out of her throat, and washed my hand and arm off with Dawn. Dawn gets off everything, even dog saliva.

So this was how 2007 ended for me. I went to bed shortly thereafter. I'd love to hear how everyone else's year ended, so comment away.....


shelbel said...

I just spit Diet Squirt onto my computer screen.

Through my nose.

Happy New Year!!!

InfoDva said...

Well, it certainly didn't end with my arm down the dog's throat...it was much quieter on my side of the world. :)

Jennifer said...


I did nothing, so I have no stories to tell.

Cyn said...

I fell asleep in front of the TV. Because I am that cool.

Dan said...

It wasn't this year, but a couple of years ago my wife and I awoke at 3am new years day to find our dog urinating on our bed. Bloody marvelous.