Monday, July 24, 2006

6 More Weeks

Six more weeks of pregnancy left. Back in January it felt like it would never get here. Then it seemed to be moving faster. Now that the temp is usually in the 90s, it feels like it will never get here again.
Yesterday we went to Target to buy the car seat and the travel crib/play-yard. While we were there another couple was standing a few feet away. I had asked Rich to watch my purse in the shopping cart while I read the info on a box, and he overheard this conversation from the other couple:

"Honey! Where's my pocketbook?"

"It's right over there."

"You're supposed to be watching it!"

"It isn't going to walk away!"

"But someone could take it...."

He was very amused, since we had just, almost word for word, had the same conversation.

BUT. BUT!! I had a secret sarcasm weapon. We were leaving the store, and he was continuing to harp about how wives don't trust their husbands to take care of these things, and I told him that most wives might, actually, but my reason for doubting him is that I know for a fact that he set his check card down on a counter, walked away from it, and proceeded to throw away $500 to some slimeball.

He told me to shut up.

I cackled quietly.

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Anonymous said...

summerkins, play nicely with the nice man. not every man on the planet has a butt profile that would be ruined by a wallet rather then enhanced.
but you can encourage use of a 70's pimp chain necklace with the cards attached. i can't imagine anything that would attract the women to him more then a flash of chest and gold card all at once....