Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It's over

"For 27 years, we have been asking ourselves, 'Who would take a 6-year-old boy and murder him and decapitate him? Who? ' " Walsh said. "We needed to know. Today we know. The not knowing has been a torture but now that journey is over. It is only fitting that it ends here at this police department. "
When I was a little girl a little boy disappeared in Florida. My dad the cop used it as a teaching lesson and stressed that I should never wander off in public. Since Adam, the little boy, had disappeared from two aisles away from his mom in a Sears department store I didn't argue.

A little while later I saw on the news that they had found Adam's head. And only his head. The rest of his body was never found. I never wandered off from my mother again, and one day I stopped to look at something in a store, and she got several aisles ahead of me. I ran after her and SCREAMED at her in the store to never ever do that again. 

When I was a bigger kid Adam's dad started a TV show called America's Most Wanted. I thought it was a great idea, and then one day it got canceled. The government stepped in and strongly encouraged the network to reinstate the show. They wisely chose to do so. Although I have never recognized anyone on the show, it makes me feel better to know how many asshats have been captured thanks to someone calling in. Again, great idea.

All these years I have hoped that Adam would have justice one day. All these years I have looked up to his parents for what they have done with their grief. The choices they made after the ultimate horror are so inspirational. They're amazing people.

Adam finally has justice.

Burn in hell, Ottis Toole.

Rest in peace, Adam Walsh.

Blessings to the family.


Me said...

Pity the murderer has already died. Still he will not hurt anyone ever again and faces God for his actions.

Annie said...

I am glad the family has closure now, after so many years.

Em said...

I used to work at the NCMEC... this is good news indeed. What a nightmare.