Tuesday, February 03, 2009

4.5 Years and I'm still not Countrified

The night before last I took Emma out back to potty in the dark. And when I say dark, I mean it is VERY dark out here in the land of no street lights.

So we're standing in the center of the yard and I'm waiting for her to pick a spot. 

Just as she starts to squat, a deer walks out of the woods and into the yard to our left.

That's right. There's a dog and an above average sized human female in the yard, and the deer walked IN.
So I squinted. Yep, there was a rack.

The deer took a few more steps forward.

I whispered, "Emma pee. Pee Emma. Go. Go go go. Done? Come on. PEE."

She finished peeing, and I hauled ass, calling over my shoulder, "We're leaving! Okay???"

I have TOTALLY seen this on TV. These things don't screw around.

Am I a pussy? Probably. But the first winter I was here I had walked Emma into the subdivision next door one night, and as we turned a curve we came up on a buck with a full rack. He looked at us for a second and then snorted. Loudly. One hoof scraped the ground. We ran.


Annie said...

Scary! Be careful...

Me said...

I do not think they attack like that often. At I have never been attacked when outside next to them. Admittedly I do not shoot them or walk up and pet them. They are wild animals and have more muscle than me. Hooves also do not look like they would feel too good stomping on me. They usually frighten easily and go away. Now if there was a baby nearby...