Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feel the love...

Far more dynamic and entertaining:

But this is more pure:

Livvie was introduced to the Beach Boys today, specifically to I Get Around. We were driving home from the grocery store and it came on the radio. I immediately opened the window (it's 70 degrees today) and cranked the volume. I looked behind me and there sat my kid in her car seat, grinning from ear to ear, dancing in her seat.

Yeah, it makes me feel that way too.

I like the Beach Boys ok enough. They were pretty damned talented, and they're totally emblematic of the American Era during their time period. But that SONG. That song is perfection. I don't believe anything else they ever recorded can touch it.

Robert R. McCammon said it best:
I stopped. Just couldn't walk anymore. That music was unlike anything I'd ever heard: guys' voices, intertwining, breaking apart, merging again in fantastic, otherworldly harmony. The voices soared up and up like happy birds, and underneath the harmony was a driving drumbeat and a twanging, gritty guitar that made cold chills skitter up and down my sunburned back.  
And what that song did for me today was make me forget about our crappy economy for 2 minutes and 14 seconds. It made me think about eating water ice with a tiny wooden spoon on the front steps. It made me think about splurging on gas money and driving to the beach with my kid. I smelled Coppertone. I smelled seaweed and fish. I felt the Vitamin D of the sun penetrating my skin. 

And it reminded me to open the window and breathe fresh air.

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Me said...

Lucky you, it is snowing here. That song does remind me of Summer.