Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Adventures in Raleigh

This morning I had to go downtown to get copies of Livvie's birth certificate so she can attend Wake County preschool this fall. I printed directions to the Vital Records office and headed into Raleigh.

So when I found the place I knew exactly where it was. Used to be a diner there but now there's a motel and a Quiznos. It's on the way back out of town, and I used to see it every day on my way home from work and never knew what the building was.

There's 30 minute parking on the side of the building, and we go in with the hoss of a double stroller, and the dude tells me to sign in. I see on the paper that it's $30 per cert. I said, "I thought the cost was $15?" he said, "It's $30 if you want it today." I said oh ok, I thought they meant that it was $30 + $15 extra. so he says, "what county?" I said Wake. He said, "Go down to the Register of Deeds. It's $10, and they give it to you right there." Woohoo. So he gives me printed out directions and explains how to get there.

I follow the directions, and I parallel park on the first try one inch from the curb in that Escape. We get to the sidewalk, and I look at the map. A guy comes up and says, "Need directions?" I told him I needed to go to the Bank of America building. He says he's going there too so follow him. So I do. We get there, and there's a HUGE staircase and an escalator. No ramp. Fuck. So he says there's a side entrance, and we go around that way. HUGE hill that I have to push 2 kids up. Get to the top. More steps. He's like, "Whatever." and grabs one end of the stroller, and I grab the other end, and we carry it up. I thank him, and he goes off to help another damsel, I'm sure.

So I go to the 3rd floor and walk into the office, and there's no one else there. Yay me. The dude tells me what he needs from me, and I hand him the letter from Wake County Public Schools. It gets me a free one! So I've paid $10 for 2 certificates instead of $60 at this point.

On my way out I notice a small elevator that says "garage" over it. BRILLIANT. I use it and go to street level parking. There's an exit that I need, but it has caution tape. I ask the guard if I can use it and he says no, go use the other one. So we cross the garage and come out on another street. I have no idea where I am. I take a guess and turn right and start walking. Then I start recognizing stuff, and lo and behold there's my car. Woohoo.

I get us in and I think to myself, ok, I need McDowell. How would one get there? So I go to the next street and turn right, and then I mosey along and make another turn, and then up aways there's McDowell! I did it! All by myself!


My thighs, calves, and biceps hurt from that hill, but otherwise rock on man.


Nina said...

Rock on indeed. Good for you.

Me said...

Go Julie!

Nina said...

Oh and by the way if you do not post stories and photos about your children soon, I am going to completely lose my mind. Thank you.