Friday, June 19, 2009


Jonas woke up for good around 9am after having been merely dozing all night and eating essentially 3 or 4 sips every 10 minutes. Today he took a 32 minute nap, a 13 minute nap, and a 25 minute nap. Otherwise he screamed. All day. ALL DAY.

He screamed because he couldn't bear to eat more than a few sips at a time because it hurt him. So he was starving. And tired.

He's been barfing again. 3-4 times a day we've been getting some heinous barfs. Otherwise he's gagging and choking independent of eating. He can't sleep on his back longer than 5 minutes without waking up screaming. Last night overnight he was making the cat pre-barf noises but nothing happened. His sinus congestion is out of control. Overnights he's having breathing issues. So he's been sleeping on me.

The doctor called me at 5 today and we got our first dose of Zantac into Jonas at 6pm. She hustled getting the pharmacy to fill the scrip.

Zantac. All the cool kids are doing it.

Neither Rich nor I have showered or brushed our teeth yet today. We've been trading off one kid for the other all day. Livvie was especially needy today, naturally, so other than intensive childcare today was a total bust.

At 820 I changed Jonas's diaper and put pajamas on him and then got him almost to sleep. I swaddled him. He fell asleep at 829. Against all rules he is sleeping on his Boppy in order to be elevated a bit. He's been making noises for the past 5 minutes now, on and off. Regardless, this is the most sleep he's had all day. I don't know if it's the Zantac or what. I don't care at this point.

The past week has been such a frigging nightmare that I'm smoking again. Rock on. Way to fail, Jules.


Safeena said...

Temporary fail, Jules, a crutch is only a temporary fail.

Love ya. It all sounds horrendous.

Me said...

Sleep is important. have you tried talking to Jonas, letting him know this? Perhaps he missed that memo that babies should sleep & more importantly let the parents sleep.

Nina said...

Just get through it in whatever way you have to. The first six weeks are the hardest. Sleep whenever you can and if you smoke, oh well. Just don't blow it up the nose holes of the kids. I love you.