Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Delay Brew

So the power went out the other night. It went out for about an hour solid and then stuttered off and on for about another hour and a half. It sucked, especially with a baby in the house who is NOT used to her entire world being plunged into darkness.

The thing about the stutters? They were JUST long enough to allow me to feel confident enough to re-set clocks, reboot the cable box etc.

I rebooted the cable box 7 times.

So I finally got the clocks set and they stayed. That was awesome, because we're too lazy to leave the kitchen to see what time it is on said cable box in the living room.

Last night I set up the coffee for delay brew. I love delay brew, because it keeps me from having to pour water from a large thing into a small thing upon first waking up in the morning. I've missed the small thing many times. I got up this morning and the pot was full. I rejoiced! YAY for coffee! Then I noticed the light wasn't on on the coffee maker. WTF? I touched the pot and it was cold as ice. OH NOOOOOOOO.

I pushed the button on the front of the machine that says "set delay." Yeah. The timer was still set on default at midnight.

I dumped it out and made more, seeing dollar signs swirling down the drain.

So now the timer is set for the usual 6:30am. And I'm looking into finding a coffee maker with a battery backup...

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