Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I broke the Jeep

I was attempting to back into the side portion of the driveway yesterday so I could go to the vets office. I heard a grinding sound and thought i had HIT the end of the boat trailer. I got out of the Jeep and the rear bumper of the jeep was hooked OVER the end of the trailer and the bumper was hanging off.

I attempted to pull forward to unhook myself and couldn't. I drove back and forth several times turning the wheel to the left to get it unhooked and it finally broke free. I got out and somehow reattached the bumper back onto the Jeep, although it isn't perfect. There is also a deep 1/2 inch wide gouge running at least 18 inches down the side of the bumper.

I turned around to look at the boat and I had somehow, with the frigging BUMPER of the Jeep, managed to turn the trailer/boat to a 45 degree angle in the driveway. I also had backed the boat into a heavy plastic planter that sits at the top of the driveway. The motor now wiggles a bit, where it had never before. If that part of the boat is damaged the entire boat is hosed, because we can't afford to replace it.

Rich isn't angry, he is worried about the motor though. He was upset that I had panicked and created all of that damage, but I couldn't help myself. I didn't KNOW that the trailer has a built in jack and that you can lower the front end.

I was so upset I almost barfed.

In order to move the trailer/boat back into position we had to do it manually, i.e. by using our backs and our legs. Rich used a very long post as a fulcrum under the end of the trailer to hoist it and move it sideways, and I had to wedge a shovel under the front wheel of the trailer to keep it from sliding back in the gravel. I threw my back out. Rich's back also naturally hurts. Once we got the trailer more or less in position he then attached the trailer hitch of the jeep to it and proceeded to return the boat to its original position in the driveway.

I am so not looking forward to ever backing out of the driveway again this week. Rich said he is going to return the boat to its place right beside the house, and I hope that happens soon.


Anonymous said...

Morbid Freak of Nature that I am...
I wonder if yesterday's incident was the Jeep's Revenge...

Too much Stephen King.


Julie said...

Yeah, I was wondering that too.