Thursday, December 06, 2007

Nada Mucho

I'm sorry I've deserted you all. There really hasn't been much going on here except the same old, same old.

I have decided to abort my plan to becaome an alcoholic drug addict stripper, though, because aside from the last full moon my kid has been behaving fairly well.
The last full moon was hell, though. Please cross your fingers for us once (or twice!) a month so that I can keep my sanity for 3 days.

This is going to be an interactive blog. I need suggestions for what to buy DH for Christmas. Since I think our main gift is going to be a new gas grill (the grill part has fallen off our current one), would you get extra sets of long underwear, some new tools, a gift card to Home Depot, or a bunch of little ridiculous things like razor blades and socks... (we're not doing stockings this year).

Thanks in advance for participating! I'm sitting here clueless.


Nina said...

Get him something that he would really like, but would not buy for himself because he thought it was too seld indulgent or expensive.

Sorry, not very specific. Get him a bottle of Chimay and a bunch of really good socks? the yummy smartwools, perhaps?

Anonymous said...

I have forgotten my google password and something has happened to my cookies so firefox doesn't remember it either. OY!

Kroger sells a virtual pantheon of gift cards. They don't charge you for the card, only its face value. Frankly, it ROCKED for me...

Cyn said...

I would suggest the tools as they are more exciting than the underwear. Well they are!