Tuesday, October 14, 2008

One more reason to be pissed

Two weeks ago on September 30th I had my first appointment at the doctor's office for this pregnancy. I filled out paperwork, peed in a cup, and had blood drawn.

I have felt like shit so far this entire pregnancy. I'm in pain, I'm nauseous, I'm dizzy, and I generally just want to die. I'm not enjoying this at all. I don't have a "glow." I have chin zits that are taking over my face. 

I woke up this morning and felt terrible. More so than of late. I was super dizzy and had some pretty sharp abdominal pains. I also took my phenergan to keep the nausea down, because I figured why compound matters? After a few hours and some googling of my symptoms I decided to call the doctor's office. They put me through to a nurse, who at first informed me that I sounded like I was dehydrated. I informed her that I couldn't be because I'm drinking non stop. She asked me if I had nausea and vomiting and I told her that while I was nauseous I was not in fact vomiting because I had taken my phenergan. She then told me that it was the phenergan that was making me dizzy. She said she'd call in a prescription for Zofran, a different anti-nausea med that they give to chemo patients. I gave her the phone number for the pharmacy and hung up.

A few moments later she called me back. She had some news for me. Turns out she wanted to let me know I'd be getting two prescriptions. She had called in an antibiotic because my lab work from TWO WEEKS AGO came back positive for an e coli infection of the urinary tract. I informed her that I have had no symptoms of a UTI. She told me that can happen, and one might not know until the infection reached the kidneys and caused fever etc.

So my next appointment is tomorrow morning at 910. I am trying to figure out how to control my anger about not being informed that I had a potentially serious infection for TWO WEEKS. The first thing I plan to ask the doctor is why I wasn't informed. The second question for him is, "Can you tell me why I shouldn't find another practice?"

I just can't even believe the incompetence. 


Catherine said...

Me neither, and yeah, how bout heading somewhere else, stat. OMG, that's a fucking outrage. They should have put you on some stuff immediately, as soon as it was identified. Holy shyte man.


Well, for whatever it's worth, I'm thinking good thoughts for you and sending good warm healthy vibes your way. Be as comfortable as you can be. Keep it up with the hydration, soup is nice. Lots of hugs as always.

Annie said...

I agree with catherine, find a different pratice at once.How awful.
Feel better soon. Big hugs.