Sunday, April 19, 2009


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We were behind one of these on the way to the grocery store this afternoon.

It was purple.

It looked like it was held together with rivets.

The turn signals worked.

When it made a right turn we waited for it to tip over, but it remained upright.

It pulled into the parking lot at Home Depot. I assume they were buying one screw. Or something. It has no trunk.

It was seriously one of the cutest things I have ever seen.

Here's some info on it from Myers Motors:

Myers Motors has just delivered the nation’s first all-electric (110 volt outlet charging), highway speed (76 mph), lithium battery powered, sub-$30,000 vehicle. This new battery system, electronically managed by a system developed in conjunction with Akron University for MM’s prospective entry into the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE, is the next step towards realizing the dream of electric vehicles: inexpensive travel that avoids the geo-political and environmental ravages inherent in America’s total dependence upon oil for its transportation needs.
If I had $30k lying around I would totally get one for Rich to drive to work.

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Annie said...

That is a sweet, tiny car. I love the color.