Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Navy SEALS took out the pirates and freed the captain and it's a glorious day.

Here's some of my joy from today. I hope you all had some as well.

Easter Basket

Easter Outfit

The house in bloom

Watering the baby Cypress

One of the azalea stands

The Kid and her Dog

Today was my favorite Easter ever. If they could all be like today I might actually start enjoying it as a holiday. I have 4.5 weeks left of being pregnant if this takes the requisite 40 weeks. I am trying to pack as much Livvie time as I can into my world since fairly soon we will no longer have each other to ourselves. I'm a bit bummed about that. I guess we'll see what happens though.

My mood has improved greatly. Thanks everyone for caring. I'll try to be better at keeping you all updated on things.

Have a peaceful one.


Annie said...

Happy Easter! I have missed you. Sweet photos and your home is so lovely. So glad you had a happy day. xoxo

Catherine said...

Great pics! So glad you had a happy Easter and even happier that you're feeling better. A month and change left in your pregnancy? Wow, that just flew right by.

Woodrow said...

I like her Easter outfit. Cute. And I'm jealous of the azaleas. So pretty.

Me said...

I love that navy blue outfit on her. So cute!!!