Thursday, September 06, 2007

Being Broke Sucks

And KNOWING, just KNOWING that something is gonna happen while you're in dire financial straits sucks too.

Yesterday a pipe burst under the house, spraying water up into the underside of the house. The plumber came today, and upwards of $200 later our pipe is fixed.

However, I had to use a charge card we had completely paid off. This sucks worst of all.

How the hell are you supposed to stay ahead? WE don't have enough cash to buy sufficient groceries, let alone have any in case of emergency.

Thank the gods we aren't planning a birthday party for Livvie for next week. I don't know where we'd come up with the funds.


Anonymous said...


If you DO figure out how the fuck to get ahead, please pass that info along to your friends. I'll do the same for you if I figure it out.


Cyn said...

I agree with other comment. I am in the red this month and car has decided to mysteriously place coolant outside of my car instead of inside. I am ignoring it in the hopes car will fix it's self. That happens I hear (from voices inside my head).