Wednesday, September 05, 2007


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On October 31st my BFF and I will be doing Livvie's blessing ceremony. This is sometimes called a "Wiccaning" if one is a Wiccan. I'm more of a Pagan/Kitchen Witch so while we'll be doing the blessing there will be some Wiccan aspects we'll leave out.

I am excited about this, because she's now old enough where she can disrupt everything and lend some much needed humor to the proceedings.

Here's the other part I'm excited about:

"There are many paths, and each must find his/her own. Therefore I do not seek to bind (baby) to any one path while he/she is still too young to choose. I ask the Lord and Lady, who know all paths, and to whom all paths lead, to bless, protect, and prepare him/her through the years of childhood so that when at last he/she is truly grown, he/she shall know without doubt or fear which path is his/hers."

Righto. The blessing we are asking for is being done FOR her, not TO her. I will say those words above and mean every last one of them. She will have choice. She will have options. If she decides down the road to become a Christian I'll gladly send her off to do that.

So on Halloween my daughter (dressed as a baby sea turtle) and I will be standing outside with her Godmother and asking for goodness and light. Not a bad start to the New Year.


Kelly said...

Interesting. I'm a Christian and really hope that Maggie chooses to become a Christian. However, this is her choice and something she must decide for herself, so we never had her baptized.

I don't think I'd feel at peace with her choice if she chose to be anything other, but I'd support her no matter what, and really hope I don't pressure or guilt her into it.

It sounds like a really cool ceremony, even if I can't get behind the spiritual side of it.

Is there some significance to her being dressed as a turtle, or is that just her Halloween outfit?

Julie said...

Nah, she's just gonna be the baby sea turtle from Finding Nemo because he's cool. LOL

Anonymous said...

Applause, applause!

Anonymous said...

Blessed Be!!! :D
Wyrd Sista'

Jennifer said...

That sounds so cool.

Anonymous said...

that is the coolest thing ever.
Blessed Be! - Kath

Cyn said...

I never knew this about you. Is this something fairly newish in your life or am I clueless?