Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Dear Baby- (part 2)

Tomorrow is your one year birthday and I can't believe it. SO much has changed and I've learned so many things. Mostly about myself.

A) Babies like having things their own way. Burger King was BUILT for babies. If things don't go their way, the entire county will hear them.

B) Too bad.

C) Babies don't necessarily LIKE being held all of the time. In fact, some babies would rather be held only when it's in their agenda. See A.

D) Too bad.

E) I don't like babies. Really. Now that you're even closer to toddlerhood I am SO happy I can't even express it. I was just never one of those people who wanted a "baby."

F) Too bad.

G) I think you're probably the best child I could have gotten. Your issues are actually MY issues, and I actually think you're turning me into a better person. I know I'm learning more patience than I ever have before.

So Happy Birthday kiddo.

I love you.


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Who am I? said...

Happy Birthday Livvie! Now give your mom a break and take a nap... :-)

Cyn said...

Happy Birthday Livvie!