Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Da Moon

The moon is about to be full and I'm dreading this. I have been marking Livvie's behavior on the calendar every full moon for the last several months. Let me tell you, the pattern that's emerged is NOT good. She is an absolute NIGHTMARE the day before, the day of, and the day after. The absolute worst is the day of itself. She will not sleep. She will scream all day. She will throw her food or smack the spoon away. And did I mention she will scream all day?

I honest to God wish there were some form of baby Valium that you could give to kids for situations such as this. It would be like dosing a dog with Xanax before a thunderstorm rolls through so you don't end up with torn furniture and a peed on carpet. Unfortunately I think this type of thing would be considered child abuse, and would probably end every one involved in prison.

Too bad. Please cross your fingers that this is the week where she bucks the trend, because I will be a nervous wreck by Saturday if not.


Anonymous said...

ya - it started for max last sleep - and he has cried almost all day today...i'm hoping liv bucks the trend for you this month. - kath

haloxiii said...

(((Julie))) Fingers crossed!!! Maybe try burning some lavender incense?

Jennifer said...

Hope it went well.


Ted said...

maybe she's a werecreature. Were you bitten by anything when you were pregnant? an otter, a wolf, a boar, a rat? Try surrounding her crib with mistletoe cut with a golden sickle.

Julie said...

Ted, you know very well that she's a were-chipmunk.

I have to keep her away from the peanuts every frigging month.