Monday, October 29, 2007

First Thing in The Morning

You know how you have those moments where a ton of different thoughts whizz through your head at the same time?

This morning I went out on the deck to smoke. When I pulled the cigarette out of the pack another one decided to hitch a ride with it and tumbled out onto the deck. My thoughts were as follows:

"Shit! Those are expensive!"

"Fuck! What if it rolls between the slats?"

"Goddamn it! Where the fuck am I going to find a piece of string and a piece of chewing gum at this time of day?"

"And...OH! There it is."

Speaking of cigarettes, I have to say that when you're used to smoking 100s and your husband brings home Shorts because they were on sale it's like smoking Fisher Price My First Cigarettes.

And no, as you can tell, I have not quit.


Anonymous said...

oh my god i can't believe you just said fisher price my first cigarettes. you just made me snort, summerkins. again.

Jennifer said...

LOL< those are the exact things that would cross my mind in such a situation. Especially with them being 10 bucks a pack up here....LOL. I probably should have always carried gum and string with me!!

Nina said...

Yeah, that's how I feel when I drop a xanax on the floor and the cat licks it. Happy Tuesday.