Sunday, May 03, 2009

Swine Flu, Shmine Flu...

Facial secretions are gross.

We were all at the grocery store today, and we were in the ethnic food/seasonings aisle and one of the store employees came walking up the aisle. He was sneezing. Repeatedly. Could be allergies. Could be cooties. I'm having a baby on Wednesday, and we had a toddler in the cart, so we decided not to take any chances and we went to the next aisle.

While we were in that aisle the employee walked past and we got an eyeful of him wiping his nose with his bare hands and then wiping his hands on his clothing.

In a grocery store.

Then, with horror, we realized he was approaching the check out lane where we usually go. He was the bagger. Which meant he would be handling the purchases. With relief we noticed another lane open, and we continued into the produce area.

As we approached produce we spied another employee and a manager having a conversation. While they were speaking the employee was biting his nails. We couldn't tell if he was spitting them out or swallowing them. We looked at each other and rolled our eyes, and then were stunned when they walked over to where the greens are displayed and he started HANDLING THE PRODUCE. With spit hands. And the manager said nothing.

I bought a bag of apples and 2 bags of potatoes. Today, if it didn't come in a bag it wasn't getting purchased.

And yes, God only knows what happened with the folks who actually PUT the produce into the bags, but that's why I scrub my food with soap and water before I use it.

Cooties man. They're everywhere.


Annie said...

I am sending much love to you for a happy birth on Wednesday! xoxo

Me said...

I will always wash my food from now on. Ick!

Nina said...

Please report in and tell us if you have had that baby. Need the info, girl.