Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Time for a drink

You know the world is hopelessly fucked when you witness two crows beating the shit out of a turkey vulture.

I shit you not. I thought the cardinals and sparrows were bad. I chalked it up to males and springtime. This was out of control. I stepped outside in time to see two crows in pursuit of a turkey vulture, pecking at him mid-flight. I assume the issue was whose carrion was whose. I honestly didn't care. What I did care about was that one of them managed to chase the vulture into a tree and start whaling on him. Now, you need to understand that a crow is roughly 8 times smaller than a vulture at full wingspan, and their beaks are probably 15 times smaller. I'm out there screeching, "You pussy! Turn around and snap his head off!" The vulture was standing in a tree like a girl lifting her skirts, shrieking, while this crow whomped his ass. Finally, the vulture attempted escape, and tried a low flight across Six Forks Road. In rush hour. A woman talking on her cell phone looked up at JUST the moment the vulture crossed in front of her windshield and nearly plotzed. I could see her face. She didn't hit him, but she did manage to aid his escape by providing a barrier between the pursuing crow and the vulture.

I finished my cigarette and went inside.


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Jennifer said...

Poor wussy vulture!!!