Sunday, April 01, 2007

It's Springtime

When young birds' fancies turn to thoughts of ass-whomping.

Earlier I went on the back deck to smoke and saw three male cardinals engaged in a turf war. It went on for quite some time, and took up most of our back yard. Eventually they flew off in pursuit of each other into the next yard. I thought the excitement was over. Until I saw two male sparrows tumble out of a tree engaged in actual fisticuffs. They landed in a leaf pile, and were pecking and screeching and squeaking like crazy. Feathers were actually flying. I hopped off the deck, walked over, leaned over them and yelled, "HEY!!!!!!!" and they flew to corners.

It was an odd morning.

Wrong Sparrow. Too Bad.....

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Jennifer said...


How fucking cool would it have been if it HAD been the right Sparrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A girl can dream, right?? hehee.

Glad you had some excitement of the bird fight variety. ;)

Michele said...

Maybe it was the full moon too. :)