Sunday, June 10, 2007


My dogs are going to be sold for parts if they keep this up. Last night after we got the baby to sleep a thunderstorm rolled through. I used to love storms. I'd watch out the window or stand on the porch and just enjoy the show. Last night Emma, who has I-S-S-U-E-S woke the baby up by doing her Emma song, which might be impossible to translate into print, but let me try.

"Errw errw ERRRW. Errw Errw ERRRW."

I think that's as close as I'm going to get.

Anyway, the storm was coming so Emma needed to wig out, woke up the baby, and it took over an hour to get her back to sleep. Thunder still going on. Emma STILL wigging. So once the baby was asleep again, instead of watching the storm and enjoying it I had to police my dog. (Mind you, I'm lying on the sofa by this point...)

"Errw wrrw Errw." GLARE. Dog retreats.

"Errw..." Fist raised in the air. Dog retreats.

"err?" Stand up and make self imposing while leaning forward. Dog retreats.

Now I know, I KNOW so don't frigging tell me, that this is counterproductive to her storm phobia being addressed well, but if given a psychotic dog who hides under furniture during storms or a dog (also psychotic) who wakes up my baby when I haven't slept since 3am the previous night, well...

And I need to also say that I adore this dog. She's a goof, but she's MY goof, and even with her issues such as storms and going on pee strikes when the grass is too wet/long/green I love her to death. And given what Jmac is going through with her BooBoo Dante right now I need to thank everything and the maker that Emma is healthy and well.

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