Sunday, June 24, 2007


Yeah, husbands.

Last night I asked Rich if I could take a short nap. He said sure, and I went in to lie down. It took awhile to get to sleep, and I didn't sleep more than an hour. While I was in the bedroom Rich:

Cleaned the stove while holding the baby in one arm
Took the dogs out
Played with Livvie
Fed Livvie mashed bananas
Gave Livvie a bottle
Rocked Livvie to sleep
Put Livvie to bed

Now. That was alllllll awesome. I appreciated it so much.

What I want to know is why he can't do more than one of these things in a day usually. I did thank him rather than ask him that question, but honestly....


Anonymous said...

Maybe he doesn't know because you're having that conversation with us instead of him.

It may seem obvious to you that you need help, and it may seem like he's an idiot for not realizing that, but then, I instinctively assume people who don't understand trigonometry are retards.

Perhaps a good way to open the conversation would be, "I feel overworked and I need help" instead of, "why can't you men do more shit for me?"

I mean, he might assume that you /enjoy/ giving Livvie a bottle.

Although I would be rather peaved with someone who vacuumed while I was trying to nap though.

Sorry if I'm getting up in your business, but you're the one who's airing it all out on blogger.

Not that crazy... said...

Stupid Rich and his vacuuming. I think your "anonymous" commenter has a valid point about the tone of any conversation that you have with your knight. I hope you actually say something to him...even if it is "what the fuck".

Julie said...

Oh, trust me, we have had this conversation plenty of times, and he knows exactly how I feel. I'm not one to mince words, even when I do it in a polite fashion.

And I never even heard the vacuuming, so we're all good there.

readyagain said...

where to start...
first off - obviously anonymous is a GUY who has never been a new mom or has ANY clue how completely OVERWORKED and EXHAUSTED you are ALL THE TIME.

That being your case - OBVIOUSLY your husband knows this and SHOULD just be able to do what needs to be done WITHOUT a conversation - much less a touchy,feely, 'oh don't let me hurt HIS feelings' kind of conversation. Truly - I don't think a conversation that started with WTF or 'why can't you do more shit for US' around here is a bad way to start that conversation.
I will say that anony has a point that you "do" need to talk with Rich about it.

But anony - venting to your blog about the shit in your life that pisses you off IS exactly why said blog exists.
If you don't like what is being said - don't read it.

jennyquarx said...
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jennyquarx said...

Anonymous, blogs are sometimes for venting.

It should be a given that moms need help. It shouldn't be something that they have to ask for. Fatherhood is just as important a job as motherhood. Fathers should take an active role in raising their children without being ASKED to. The fact that you think that it's not obvious is far more retarded than not understanding trig.

Do not assume for a second that these conversations have not rationally taken place. It's great to have that help but it sure would be nice to have one night of sleep in nine months.

Perhaps he would enjoy giving Livvie a bottle once in awhile too.

decemberbaby said...

WTF? Anonymous, you've obviously got your head up your ass. If you're not prepared to say your piece and attach your name, get the fuck out of here.

Julie, I have no idea why he can't do it more often... but so glad it happened once. We should make a cake and celebrate.

Anonymous said...

No I mean, if I thought electroshock treatment would make this Rich guy behave, I would be totally down with that.

Hey easy to bait people, stop being so easy to bait, I wasn't even trying. I mean it's sweat that you're rushing to her defense and everything . . .

Julie didn't bite, and she's in the situation.

For the record, I do think it's obvious that mothers need help. I also think trig is painfully, painfully intuitive.

This is still to the easy to bait people, not Julie: You know, being able to see things from other people's point of view is a good skill, even if you're only using it to coldly manipulate them. Tighten it up, kiddies, you're getting slack.

But Julie, I'm not sure that he does know. I can sit down and try to teach people trig a dozen times, and they can explain it back to me, but they don't actually get it. People is are be stupid.

I mean either he really doesn't get it, or he really doesn't care. I don't get the impression from your tone that you've concluded that he really doesn't care, so that leaves only one other possibility that I know of. People is really freaking stupid.

Anonymous guy.

Anonymous said...

Sweet, even. :-/