Saturday, September 06, 2008


On the left is Tropical Storm Hanna, smacking into North Carolina and South Carolina.

Luckily we escaped with no damage at all, and we didn't even lose power. It's been a very rainy morning and afternoon however, and the rain just stopped recently. The last I heard Hanna was now moving through Virginia and on its way up the Atlantic coast.

I'm not too big of a fan of large storms anymore. I was excited to see my first hurricane when I first moved down here, but the first one I saw was a bust. That was Bertha in August of 1996. Twelve years  ago today, on September 6, 1996, Hurricane Fran hit and it was a monster. I even used to have an infrared satellite image of it hanging on my apartment wall just as a reminder of how awful it was.

It struck me as odd that we had such a large, if non-lethal storm move through here today on that anniversary, but I guess stranger things have happened.

Regardless, we are safe and sound, the yard is starting to dry out a bit, and we're going to have to replace a bunch of mulch.

Have a great Saturday folks.


Em said...

My family are all getting to know Hanna today. I'm not jealous.

catherine said...

I'm so glad you and yours are all safe and snug.

Karen Cupcake said...

I grew up in Charleston SC. :o) I do NOT Miss living there at this time of year... no I do not!

Im in NORTH texas now.. far away from that yuck, but mired in 100 degree days! hmmm.... not sure I like the trade most of the summer!