Thursday, October 29, 2009

I dissed you all yesterday

In order to watch baseball. I hope you'll forgive me, but goldang if that wasn't one of the most enjoyable games I've ever watched in my life.

I don't really get to "see" too many actual ghosts. I usually end up seeing or feeling stuff happening rather than getting a peep at an image? whatever you want to call it.

Shortly after my father died, I'd say a few months later, every night once I went to bed and shut my eyes I would feel the edge of the bed on my side press down as if someone was sitting on it. I was fairly freaked at first, but when I realized what was going on I was ok with the situation. It went on for quite awhile and then stopped. I was a bit sad when it did.

One day, I guess I was about 15, because my Grandmom had already gone into The Pit of Despair Nursing Home, and I was all by myself, I was sitting in a wing chair in the living room and I sneezed. A very deep, loud man's voice said, "Bless you." I launched myself out of the chair and ran to my friend's house until my mother got home.

My mom used to bowl every Wednesday night in a league. I slept upstairs, and I always knew when she was home because of the sequence of events that would take place. One Wednesday night I heard the front door open, and all of the doors moved in their frames as they usually did. I heard the door shut and I heard her keys hit the dining room table. So I went to the top of the steps and called, "Mom!" and there was nothing. So I went down and everything was dark. I opened the front door and the driveway was empty. So I went back upstairs and laid back down. A few moments later I heard the same series of events, and this time I went straight downstairs. This time she was home. I told her what had happened, and the only thing we could come up with was that she had been exhausted and in a hurry to get home... so part of her had.

In my bedroom in the one apartment I lived in my outlet was halfway up the wall, and there was no overhead light. I had a torchiere lamp plugged in, and I, being an intelligent person, had hung a shirt on a hanger on the plug so I could wear it the next morning. I was reading a book in bed, and I saw something from the corner of my eye, so I looked over the book. The shirt had moved about 5 inches away from the wall, hovered, and then fell to the floor.

In the same apartment I was walking through the hallway and passed the living room doorway and I saw an old woman sitting in our rocking chair. When I backed up to look again she was gone.

Very recently I was sitting on the bed in Jonas's room, and the book Fool by Christopher Moore was on the top of the 6 ft bookcase so Livvie couldn't get to it and screw with it. It tossed itself at my head. It didn't slide off onto the floor. It launched itself about 3 feet away from the bookcase before dropping to the floor.

There are a few more, but these are the things I remember most. What are yours? I know you have some.


Cyn said...

I was at church one Sunday and during the 1st hymn an old woman in pink slipped into my pew next to me so I moved over so she would have enough room. When I finished singing I looked over and there was no one there.

I woke up one morning and a woman in a long white dress was moving across the room at the foot of my bed. She vanished out my window.

Once I was sitting on my sofa and a little boy sat next to me. He was maybe 3 or 4 years old with brown hair. I did not want to look at him because I was afraid he would disappear. I wanted him to stay, a lot. He did stay the longest of the 3. I wanted to hug him if you can believe it.

I was in the middle of a slightly odd seizure at a gas station and I heard my named called. Not sure if you count that or not. Really freaked me out but then again I was already unsettled. Normally that does not happen, I just faint.

HeatherGroves said...

I have had a couple of dead relatives "talk" to me.

Also, I went to a metaphysical fair with a friend recently and for kicks met with a psychic who told me there was a little girl baby attached to me in the psychic realm and she wished she had been born. I have always thought (and odds are) that the triplet I lost (ending up with twins) was a girl. That freaked me out.

I was not present for it, but after my grandmom died, some of my cousins were in her house and they head footsteps coming up the stairs and then a music box in the upstairs hall started playing (it was Grandmom's favorite music box apparently). She also moved something on the dresser but I don't remember what. The cousins felt she was saying "goodbye" to the house and was wandering through it one last time.

It is not a ghost sighting, but traveling in Germany I remember passing a horse drawn cart with little gnome like people in it. The man nodded at me and then when I looked again they had disappeared and no one I was with had seen them. I have no idea what that was, although the word gnome popped in my head. Little people of some sort.

I think that is all...