Monday, October 19, 2009

Zen and the Art of House Hunting

It's odd, the things that will do it for you.

We went to see the other house yesterday. When we got there we noticed that the entire acre was fenced. The front and one side were chain link, the other side where there was a neighbor had a wooden privacy fence running to the back, and across the back property line was a stock fence that was bent down in several places. So I walked back to check it out and determine how many rolls would be needed to replace it, and when I got to the wooded area back there my feet crunched.

I looked down and saw thousands upon thousands of acorns.

When I noticed the acorns it occurred to me that the fence was bent due to the deer jumping it to eat the acorns.

I couldn't tell you why, but it was a very peaceful realization. Even though that fence must be replaced to make sure Ginny doesn't jump it, and even though the deer will most likely beat the new one down too, for some reason I got warm fuzzies.

When were were done checking out the yard and exterior we drove down the rest of the street to the circle to get an idea of what the neighbors were like. All homes were well cared for, the yards looked nice, and I saw zero Beware of Dog signs. On our way back we noticed a carnival ride on a trailer in someone's driveway. That was pretty cool. At the very next house we noticed they had hung actual traffic lights on their carport.

We really don't know why, but that's our kind of bizarre.

This house is about 15 miles from the closest Target. The nearest grocery store is about, oh, 8 miles away. There's essentially nothing out there but a Tractor Supply Co.

We have no problem with that.

I made a note of where the ABC store was. Not close enough to be dangerous, but close enough to not be a pain in the ass.

The entire front fence is covered with 30 foot arborvitae that block the view from the street. I could see us losing our minds and deciding to light them at the holidays.

The agent called, and she's walking us through it Wednesday afternoon.


Chuck said...

Booze and deer.

Sounds like a lifestyle.

-- c.

squirrelgirl said...

Sounds great so far. Hope your luck holds and this is "the one".

Julie said...

Watching deer WHILE drinking booze seems like the ultimate lifestyle.

I hope it's the one too. I really really do. If only for a few years.

Cyn said...

Oooh cool, sounds great.