Wednesday, October 21, 2009

You Break It, You Buy It

We walked the inside of that doublewide yesterday. I should say Livvie ran the inside of that doublewide yesterday. It's 2052 sq ft. She ran. And ran. And then she flung open the front door into the wall, the ONLY door without a door stopper, and she took a chunk out of the wall.

I guess we're required to buy it.

It is probably the nicest home I've ever looked into living in. I know Rich's house prior to this one was far nicer, but for affordable housing this thing is the shiznit. It's a happy place. It's warm and inviting. It has kitchen cabinets out the nose. It has 4 bedrooms, and considering the master bedroom is the size of Alaska and has a sitting room attached to it, Rich's office will go in there, and we'll actually HAVE 4 bedrooms.

It has a heat pump. The song in my heart due to potentially never having to deal with the propane company again is the sound of trumpets and angels.

The master walk in closet is of a size that Jonas could live in there. We don't even have enough clothes to fill that closet. There are no linen closets, but honestly, with that walk in they aren't even needed.

We don't even have enough furniture for this house. We have a minimum of furniture here due to living in less than 1000 sq ft. When we move this stuff over there the house will still echo. Crazy. The place has a "formal" living room when you first walk in and a family room off the kitchen. Our furniture would go in the family room. The living room would be bare until the Christmas tree goes up.

Speaking of, the thought of putting up a tree without blocking the front door makes me giddy.

The agent and I were talking about the kids, and she made a remark about still having room for more. We told her we were done, and I mentioned that we're done for sure, as I'd been snipped. She told me she had done that after her second too, and in talking I mentioned that I'm 38. She did the legitimate double-take that I've gotten used to over the years, and she told me she thought I was about 24. Which would have made my white-haired husband a scoundrel. She was actually the only real estate agent I've ever met that I liked. She was very country, and showed up in jeans and a sweatshirt instead of all dolled up the way they usually do. She and I went out to smoke in the driveway, and she was loads of fun to talk to.

All of the appliances are new, and I double checked the oven interior to make sure there was room for turkeys etc. It's a closed surface stove, and while I really prefer gas stoves, the thought of simply being able to wipe it down is squee inducing. The very idea of having a built-in dishwasher and not having to push and pull Ole Bessy around made me almost wet my pants.

I've already decided where the new herb garden will go. The veggies are another matter.

I called the utilities today to get an idea of what goes on out there. The power bills, summer and winter, have been lower than ours are here. The neighborhood actually IS in the cable company's service area, so we'll be able to simply transfer our service. Good news, because we had signed a 2 year contract.

So now we make an offer and hope it's accepted. I sure hope it is. I can see us being very happy there for a few years at least.

Anyway, to those I know, a guest room means come and visit. You're always welcome.


Dagny said...

whooo fucking hooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

that is awesome dude.

I hope you get it. :D


squirrelgirl said...

I was brought up on gas stoves but am now a convert because of my glass-top stove. L.O.V.E. Because, of course, I always boil over the potatoes. And I will never again live in a house without a dishwasher.

Good luck with the offer - sounds almost too good to be true. *Almost*!

Julie said...


They accepted our offer. Now we have to make sure the money is taken care of.

Cyn said...

Oooh nice! Pictures are needed you know.

Jessica said...

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