Thursday, November 06, 2008


This morning I went to take Emma out to pee. I opened the kitchen door and a giant wolf spider said, 'Thanks!" and crossed the threshold and scurried across the kitchen floor and ended up God knows where in my house. My dog Ginny watched said spider scurry across the room and did NOTHING. 

Useless dog.

With the cold weather the bugs have moved in. We had been ant free for months, but recently we have been finding ants running around on the kitchen counter. Ant baits were procured, and they seem to be working as I have only seen one ant in 24 hours. Ants are ok when they're outside, but they are NOT allowed in my kitchen. Ever.

Remember my post about the giant outdoor flying roach that invaded my kitchen? Well, they've been coming inside as well. I saw the first one about a week ago when I walked out of the bedroom one night to go pee and saw one crawling around on the floor in the hallway. I went into the office and got Rich and made him take care of the situation. A few days after that I went into the kitchen one morning and found one on its back futilely kicking its legs to turn back over. Got Rich. 2 days ago the same thing happened, found an upside down one in the kitchen, but this one was already dead. Didn't care. Got Rich.

I don't do bugs.

I really hope the weather will level off soon and the bugs will stop coming indoors. 

At least the mosquitos are gone.


Catherine said...

Eeep, ack!! No flying roaches! of any size, but especially large! Yipe, what a nightmare. X-(

Dagny said...

yeah, lucky us, the bugs all die in the cold, so they don't get to move in. HAHA.

Sorry about the scary flying roaches....ick.


Me said...

I have spider mites inside. They got my tomato plant. Have sprayed it with something that kills them. Hopefully my tomatoes will continue to grow as I have yet to eat a single one (they are all green still). Hope they do not spread to my other plants.