Monday, November 24, 2008

You Have a Little Over a Week

To decide if I'm having a girl or a boy.

The big Level II ultrasound is on December 4th. That's when they make sure all limbs and digits are accounted for etc, and they also can usually tell what sex the baby is. Assuming the baby cooperates. Livvie had no shame during that ultrasound, and it was quite obvious that she was a girl. Hopefully this one will be as compliant.

I'm putting money on a boy. For real. If I'm having a girl I am going to make a small donation to the local animal shelter. 

If you'd like to participate in the "wager" that would rock. Simple rules. Guess the sex. If you're wrong, make a small holiday donation to the charity of your choice.

Have a great day folks!


Em said...

I'd always put my money on the mother's instinct. Boy.

Safeena said...

Boy. Definitely boy. Livvie needs a brother for rough housing. Yep. Nads.

Dagny said...

I say BOY.

Cause I feel it's a boy.

And I want you to have a boy.

so yeah, put me down for BOY.


Me said...

I will join the crowd and say boy as well.

Oh I had to laugh today at work. I needed to explain to a coworker (age 50) that paganism and atheism are not the same things. That they are in fact, different. He didn't think Paganism was a religion. But when he thought about it he did realize it has been around for a while. He also didn't know about Easter and Christmas are on top of pagan holidays. And here I thought I was the brainless one at work.

squirrelgirl said...

I'll dare to be different and say GIRL. When I was pg with Miss K I was totally convinced it was a boy, and so was everyone else. We waited until she was born to find out, so it was a huge surprise! Can't wait to find out your results!

Annie said...

I say boy, not because everyone else said so, but I feel it in my gut and I am almost never wrong :-), I said almost...

Kelly said...

I say boy. But I think that's because I want you to have a boy, not any real "feeling".