Saturday, November 22, 2008


I apparently have something called Pregnancy Gingivitis. 

My toothbrush is permanently stained pink. How disgusting is that?

I can't brush my teeth without spitting out entire oceans of bright red blood. 

Yeah, apparently ALL membranes and capillaries swell during pregnancy, so this is quite common.

I also can't blow my nose without turning the tissue red.

Apparently people with Pregnancy Gingivitis are urged to see their dentist for at least 2 cleanings during the pregnancy. Um, fuck no. I can't even have my teeth cleaned without drugs.

This happened with Livvie too, and it cleared up pretty quickly after she was born, so I think I'll take my chances, thank you.

Everyone have a great weekend!


Em said...

Well, that's no fun!

Dagny said...

yeah, I have heard about that. Have fun!!


Me said...

I had no idea!