Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It Never Ends

So the lady from the state came out again today to go over the financial paperwork with me for speech therapy. On the phone she had said we'd either pay 25% or 0%. Not so much. Now she's saying 40%. That's $30 a week.

We don't HAVE $30 a week.

I told them I'd discuss things with Rich and get back to them.

It's not looking good though.

Oh, and that's only a possibility. She THINKS it'll be 40%. It might be 60%.
Totally uncool. I don't understand why she told me one thing on the phone and then totally took it back in person. 

I'm really upset about this.

In other news, Livvie has discovered the spice shelf in the pantry and now brings me containers when I'm cooking. This is ok. She brought me the Montreal Steak Seasoning the other day. Last night when I was making a pumpkin cake she brought me the oregano. It's cool. However, yesterday she got out the jar of curry and realized something I had not. It's a flip top. I walked into the kitchen to find her dumping yellow powder on the floor and smearing it around with her hands. Awesome.

After the lady left today Livvie went back into the pantry and brought out the jar of marjoram. I was on the phone with my mom, so I was only half paying attention as she proceeded to unscrew the lid and dump the marjoram all over the floor. Got out the vacuum for the second time today. Again, awesome.

She's really digging the laundry lately, and she'll grab armfuls of clothes out of the hamper and pile them on the recliner like I do with the clean laundry. Yesterday I was folding laundry, and she got my underwear and folded them and put them on the sofa on my pile. That's cool. I turned around to get another item, and when I turned back to face her I discovered that she had now stuck her head through the leg holes of my underwear and was wearing them as necklaces. Okee dokee.

It's been an interesting week so far.

UPDATE: The lady called a little while ago. Apprently when she was here today she did the math wrong. It WILL be 20%, or $15 a week for Livvie's therapy.

So we're going to do that and do the free developmental therapy simply because it's free and it's offered. I'm so relieved.


squirrelgirl said...

Whew, what a relief. And I was going to say that she doesn't need the developmental therapy, if her fine motor skills are good enough for her to get into the spice jars!

Catherine said...


Annie said...

I am so glad that worked out.
Livvie is so cute, she must make you laugh :-).

Dagny said...



Me said...

Oh good, I am glad it costs half the price. Every little bit helps.

Now if you can get Livvie to dust for you that would be swell.

Kimber said...

Glad it turned out to be affordable!!! GEEZ! That lady needs to get her head on straight!