Sunday, November 02, 2008

I'm Jealous

This is what Santa is bringing for Christmas.

Yes, it has Disney princesses on it, but by golly it's a PURPLE TRICYCLE WITH STREAMERS. 

I would have been over the freaking moon for this bike as a tot. My tricycle was a very odd shade of green. Maybe the same color as the inside of a lime? Anyway, it was seriously ugly, but it worked so I never complained.

We're not going to wrap it. We're going to assemble it and set it up in front of the tree with a bow on it. The seat and handlebars are adjustable so the bike should fit Livvie just fine. 

As far as the princesses are concerned, well, I really don't think I can fight it. It will happen soon enough, and this bike should be good for a few years so we might as well get started. I'm also buying Livvie a feather boa, because she pulls dirty shirts out of the hamper and drapes them around her shoulders, dragging them behind her. 

I'm fairly certain that this new baby is a boy. I don't know why I feel that way but I do. Then, I was the only person last time who was certain that Livvie was a girl so maybe I'm right. Anyway, I was talking to Rich about it the other day and I told him we can go ahead and move all of the comic book stuff into the new baby's room and "girl" Livvie's room up a bit. I thought fairies would be a cool way to go, but a thorough search online has alerted me that fairy bedroom decor costs an arm and a leg, unless you go with Tinkerbell. And I can't stand Tinkerbell.

So I guess we'll start small with a little purple bike. It'll be quite awhile before the new baby actually moves into a bedroom anyway. Until then Livvie can sleep surrounded by super heroes. Not such a bad thing...


Annie said...

The bike is beautiful, I am sure she is goning to love it, and Super heros are grand :-).

Em said...

I knew for certain which sex both of my babies were. Mothers have an instinct. :-)

jennyquarx said...

That bike is badass.

She will love it.

You should scope out Michael's and other craft stores. Might be able to find some fairy stuff on the cheap. Or used bookstores - cut pictures out and frame them. Stuff like that.

And of course Superheroes are RAD.

Me said...

Christmas already? Eeek!

Dagny said...

Kick ass bike.