Saturday, November 08, 2008

Ok, I've had it

Santa arrived at our malls yesterday.

They reported it on the news and I threw my pillow at the TV.


On the Monday after Halloween Livvie and I went to Target and the employees were putting the Christmas trees up and there was Christmas music playing overhead.

Can someone explain to me why the Christmas season is no longer a season? It's now an epoch.

I just don't get it.


Em said...

They really don't waste time do they?

Dagny said...

OH man, I thought you guys escaped that having Thanksgiving later than us...damn xmas stuff started here the day after Halloween.

I am sick of caroll's already...ugh.

And yeah, when the fuck did it go this way?????????

Me said...

Because retailers are loosing money this year and they hope that if they Bring Christmas out extra early people will forget they have no money and start buying crap. Or that is my take on it.