Saturday, August 15, 2009


Apparently instead of discovering colossal typos on NPR's website such as this one tonight:

Webb met with Myanmar's reclusive Senior Gen. Than Shwe in Myanmar's jungle capital of Naypyitaw and came away from that meeting with Yettaw's release. It was the first time the reclusive general had met with a senior U.S. official, according to The Associated Press.

The senator is expected to take Myanmar to Bangkok on Sunday.

And getting peeved about it because this is a NEWS website for crying out loud and there's no way in hell I can get a job proofing for the idiots who enter the text into these websites (huff puff puff)...

(Seriously. I see this crap on WRAL's website all the time too)

Rich thinks I need to just STFU and start writing.

Where the hell would I even start?

I have nothing to write about.


What am I good at? Catching retarded mistakes in articles.

What am I bad at? Ideas.

What pisses me off? That the dope who types up the stories for the reporter will insert some words twice, neglect some completely, or even, on occasion, repeat entire PARAGRAPHS makes more money than I ever did in a year.

I have no idea where I'd even begin.


Dagny said...

oh I know you have stuff to write about, it's just hard to get going sometimes.

I find that the best stuff I write, i have little recollection of writing it, strange or what? :LOL

Me said...

Editor of some sort perhaps?