Saturday, August 08, 2009


My mother is here.

She arrived Tuesday afternoon.

Bless her heart for attempting to help. Seriously. However.

I called Rich yesterday and informed him that we were filling the beer cooler and moving to a motel until Monday. Unfortunately we don't have the funds.

Last night at 3am when Jonas woke up to eat I had to deal with the dulcet tones of Fran Drescher blaring from the living room.
If (when) my hearing starts to go I will be marching my ass out to get a hearing aid post haste. I refuse to put anyone through this.

Jonas gets upset and starts fussing and Mom refuses to take any of my advice on how to calm him. So she keeps trying different things that don't work. Including jiggling him on her knee right after he eats. Which ends in barfing.

She keeps pestering Livvie to completely finish her meals. As long as Livvie at least tries everything on her plate I'm ok with her not eating all of it. I do not require a clean plate for her to leave the table.

She gets on my case because I had a second glass of wine.

I didn't tell her it was my third.


Me said...

For me I had two options.
1. Slap my mom & scream at her.
2. Come home early from my trip.

Moms are frustrating to say the least. I feel your pain.

Zen Coyote said...

i actually read this one to mom. she thought it was hysterical.