Sunday, November 29, 2009

Can You Dig It?

The people who lived here before us apparently used the yard as a dump. For a loooong time. When we walk the perimeter of the yard, and even some of the interior, we find all kinds of interesting and potentially dangerous items.

Dirt has covered a great deal of things out there, allowing grass to grow on top of the detritus. When you walk around you never know what kind of sound will come from under your feet. The crinkle of leaves? Or the hollow sound of a vinyl rain gutter?

We are going to need to do some major excavating to make the yard safe for kid and dog. Right now I am entirely uncomfortable with the idea of Ginny running the yard loose in the dark. I'm not even comfortable out there when I can't see where my feet are stepping.

This morning I performed a small photographic archaeological survey of the yard while I smoked.

There are bags of topsoil buried everywhere, but many of them appear to be at the base of small, ornamental trees. Whether they were tossed there out of laziness or to weigh down the roots, we have no idea. 

This is a fiberglass bathtub that is now, either intentionally or not, a planter.

I have no idea what the hell this rusted out hulk is.

If you look in the center of the leaf fall you'll notice some metal pipes and whatnot.

Many, many plastic bags everywhere.

Again, what this is? Dunno. Big and metal.

That would be the vinyl rain gutter.

Apparently a dog was chained here at some point. Really can't figure out why there are scraps of the flag scattered there, though.

Plastic chicken wire.

Rusted old paint can. There are several.

Apparently the dog tethered here didn't require an actual chain, so they wove fabric scraps into a rope. More flag scraps.

Random piece of PVC. You'll find all of your plumbing needs in this yard.

Metal straps from a pallet or appliance carton. Those are always nice.

A faucet. Looks like it's for a garden hose. Or a washing machine.

All of this was found this morning during a 3 minute walk of the yard. I imagine we'll have to pick a nice weekend and walk the yard and toss everything onto a pile, and then we'll have to call someone to come get it all.

In the meantime, we're simply being careful.


John Colton said...

Just remember, if you come across anything sitting on a pedestal, it's better to have too much weight than not enough to remove what's there! Oh, and watch out for big boulders!

HeatherGroves said...

Ye gods, it is like they booby trapped the place before leaving. I think the third pic down looks like someone started to build a boat.... any bodies of water nearby? I do applaud the creative use of scrap weaving for canine containment, but scraps of the flag? Oy. Not a big fan of the whole "chained dog" idea anyway. Why have one if you are going to just leave it chained up?

HeatherGroves said...

Just get a lawn jockey and call it a day.

Safeena said...


They come out, look around, give you an estimate and HAUL IT ALL AWAY while no one gets hurt moving shiz. Just saying.

Otherwise, call CSI.

Kaelan said...

Pretty sure that triangular thing is for towing trailers. (Probably the one you live in) I guess they detached it but kept it in case they wanted to hitch up and drive away! If you look at the pic of my car on FB, you will see another alleged tub planter from my mom's yard. The intention was for horses to drink out of it but that never happened. Oh and if you gather up the metal, there are people who will come and get it for free to resell for scrap.

jennyquarx said...

I second the CSI comment. I have an overactive imagination and it's running wild with those pics.

Cyn said...

I love the nod to Indiana Jones.