Sunday, November 15, 2009

Drive By Blog Post


Our friend with the farm, because she's the most freaking resourceful chick on the planet, has already moved her husband and herself and what little they have left into a rental a half mile from the farm. Thanks to everyone who was concerned about her.

We've moved about 12 boxes and some sundry other things into the new house already, and the fun continues today and the rest of the week.

I am incapable of packing one of those big Home Depot moving boxes to weigh less than 75 pounds.

We were going to decorate the kids' bathroom in Finding Nemo to make Livvie more inclined to potty training, but due to the fact that she's a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse addict, I'm going that route instead. And that will be her Christmas. A bit early.

Jonas took his first nap in the new house yesterday. On the floor. Woke up with carpet marks on his face.

The "convenience" store just up the road from us has a small grill with hot dogs and sammiches and stuff, so when I drove up there yesterday to see if I could grab us some food and discovered the grill closed up I asked about it. I was informed, "Yeah, sometimes he opens it. Sometimes he don't. Depends on how he feels. If he opens it it's usually around 10." I'm starting to like the neighborhood. A lot.

The dog gets a bath this morning so as not to take her current level of stink to the new house. Wish me luck.

I am tired.


Stacia said...

Good Luck! You've got your hands full, fo'sho! It seems to be off to a good start. Funny you mentioned The Mickey Mouse Club because I had no idea that was still around, and I had just noticed it on the TV guide thingee before I read your post. So happy to hear about your friend... I wanted to help her but you know I am a broke chica these days too. ;o)

squirrelgirl said...

OMG, Katherine would die for a Nemo bathroom. My dad wanted to get her Nemo sheets and towels, etc for Christmas but I vetoed it since I just redid her room over the summer (it's not even really done yet, still have to do her dressers). Hope you get settled into the new house without much difficulty, and that the neighborhood really IS as cool as it seems.

Julie said...

Thanks ladies.

Stacia, you should watch the Clubhouse sometime. Every once in awhile they slip some adult comment through and I do a double take.