Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I wasn't going to take time to post today

So this will be short.

Today on Twitter Brent Spiner (yes, that one) let loose this piece of mild snark:

RT @renee29404 @Anopsis I believe in taking care of our own before taking care of another country--Then here you go.

It's something I've always wondered about. How many people who spout on about taking care of our own first actually make an effort to help our own themselves? And I have to say, most of the people I've met who say such things are averse to "Big Government" of any sort anyway. They seem to say, as a unit, that churches and charities should be the ones to take care of those who are wanting. Well, you know, the churches and charities simply don't have enough money. Because not many put their money where their mouths are. And I would put $1000 down that none of these people were forced to live on assistance like I was as a child. Food stamps. Government cheese. My mother bringing leftover school lunches home at the end of the day because they would be thrown out, and we could eat on them for a week.

So you know what? Put up or shut up. It costs $5 at the grocery store to buy a box of food for those in need. And it's good karma.

And to those of you who take issue with it all I want to extend my gratitude for your tax dollars that fed me as a child. Thank you.

Have a good Thanksgiving.


squirrelgirl said...

I totally agree. As a result of my childhood circumstances, I make it a habit to help those in my community with the basic necessities. I have strong memories of being "without" as an older kid (ages 6-12 or thereabouts) and wouldn't wish that on any other kid.

Chuck said...

Aye. People who think Gov't should keep its hands out are often simultaneously thinking, "I mean, shit, I ain't gonna do it, though."

They say things like, "We don't need regulations, we can police ourselves, get government out!"

But then they want government to keep out the Mexicans or something.

Well, pick one, dickhats. You want cops? FBI? Roads? Are you going to police your neighborhood? Are you going to build roads? No? Then shut up.

I'm not saying we need Total Governmental Lockdown, but Christ, somebody needs to be on the night shift and shit.

-- c.