Saturday, May 19, 2007

I'm going to scream

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I'm on a cocktail of Lamictal (a mood stabilizer/anti-convulsant) and Abilify (an atypical anti-psychotic) to treat my Bipolar disorder. I'm currently getting samples because my faboo doc believes that one should never pay for meds until positive they will help. Good for her. Let's give a shout out to good old Melvania.

So today I priced my meds on the internet. I have no frigging clue what we're going to do. My Lamictal is about $100 a month. Okay, not gawdawful. Bad, but not twitch inducing bad. The Abilify is $500+ per month. Insurance will not cover either of these meds. So let's talk about the insurance companies and the pharmaceutical companies.

First, the pharm companies. I understand how much R&D goes into each drug. I also know that it's subsidized with our tax money. So we're paying twice.

Insurance. SOMEFUCKINGBODY needs to explain to me why an insurance company would rather deny preventive care when they could end up with a certified crazy person such as myself hospitalized long-term and having to pay for the costs associated with that. I shit you not, I could hurt someone. Truthfully. The disease I have is hallmarked by self-destruction and violent behavior. I've never had a full psychotic break, but that's been through the grace of everything holy. I have NOT been a compliant patient prior to the birth of my child, and many people and relationships have paid for this. Speaking of, let's also give a shout out to Xris and my husband, who have REALLY been patient with me.

I'm absolutely furious.


emperorp said...

wow, i'm pissed at Big Pharma for different reasons, but they truly are the enemy.

Erin said...

Julie- I totally agree.. My Best Friend has Bipolar and it is awful what the insurance puts her through...and so expensive... I was there when she had a Psycotic break...It was awful...But her insurance paid to put her in a Hospital for a week... This shit infuriates me!!! How can people afford to be well???

jennifer said...

It's even stupid expensive with insurance. Buy them from Canada. Can you? It's legal in WI.