Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Something Bugs Me

These are the lyrics for Charlie on the MTA, a song by the Kingston Trio, which musically is a very cool song. However, my whole life something has bugged me about this song.

These are the times that try men's souls. In the course of our nation's history, the people of Boston have rallied bravely whenever the rights of men have been threatened. Today, a new crisis has arisen. The Metropolitan Transit Authority, better known as the M.T.A., is attempting to levy a burdensome tax on the population in the form of a subway fare increase. Citizens, hear me out! This could happen to you!


Well, let me tell you of the story of a man named Charlie
on a tragic and fateful day.
He put ten cents in his pocket, kissed his wife and family,
went to ride on the M.T.A.

Well, did he ever return? No, he never returned and
his fate is still unknown.
(What a pity! Poor ole Charlie. Shame and scandal.
He may ride forever. Just like Paul Revere.)
He may ride forever 'neath the streets of Boston.
He's the man who never returned.

Charlie handed in his dime at the Kendall Square Station
and he changed for Jamaica Plain.
When he got there the conductor told him, "One more nickel."
Charlie couldn't get off of that train.
Now, all night long Charlie rides through the station,
crying, "What will become of me?!!
How can I afford to see my sister in Chelsea
or my cousin in Roxbury?"
Charlie's wife goes down to the Sculley Square Station
every day at quarter past two,
And through the open window she hands Charlie a sandwich
as the train comes rumblin' through.
Now, you citizens of Boston, don't you think it's a scandal
how the people have to pay and pay?
Fight the fare increase! Vote for George O'Brien!
Get poor Charlie off the M. T. A.
He's the man who never returned.
He's the man who never returned.
Ain't you Charlie?


That is all.


Barb said...

Ok, I was really NOT getting what your point was to posting this song until I got to the end.
I was thinking the EXACT same thing when his wife handed him a sandwich everyday. Crap if she can afford that, you know she has a damn nickel!
I think she just didn't want him to come home!!

shelbel said...

OMG...I think I just peed my pants laughing so hard!

Maybe it's between the peanut butter and jelly & he just keeps swallowing it. You know men...

Erin said...

I think she should have given him a nickel too!!! Going down there every day!! Geez!!! WHat a wife...LOL

Nicki BL said...

LMAO!!! Well, maybe her house was much more PEACEFUL when Charlie was away?!?!?!? LOL

Hell, there were some days that I probably wouldn't have given Rob a nickel either. LOL