Thursday, May 24, 2007

Tiptoe through Your Own Damned Tulips

I think this sucks. My kid is napping, finally, and I have to be quieter than a mouse. I say quieter because dammit, I've had mice as pets and they are most certainly NOT quiet. Especially if you don't use olive oil on their frigging wheel.

Every night she falls asleep between 7:30 and 9. This has put a serious crimp in TV watching. Rich goes into the bedroom and watches with sound. I watch via lip-reading and DVR what's important. Turns out not much is. I've discovered that I'm primarily DVRing and saving The Wiggles and Higglytown Heroes on Disney so that at any time of day I can play Playhouse Disney for my kid and calm her down. My stuff? Never gets watched, ends up being erased, and I don't care. This is good, because all of my shows have either had or are having season finales and I won't have to give a shit all summer. It'll be interesting to see if I go back to anything save Bones, Idol, and House.

Back to being quiet. I can't even flush the damn toilet without it waking her up. I have to time potty trips for when she's awake or there will be no flushing, which given my OCD tendencies drives me bugshit. Coughing? Forget it. I have to run outside and cough and make sure the door doesn't close loudly.

Know what I really don't get about all of this? She can fall asleep in the white hot light of a super Walmart and sleep the entire time with a shopping cart with a rattley, shaky wheel, and she can't sleep at home.

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