Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tiny waistlines

Ok, so I'm watching the Disney channel, again, with the sound off and I have ZERO clue what show this is but the chicks in this animated debacle have the fabled "wasp waists." What up wit dat? OH OH! No wait, the nerdy chick group has straight as a plank figures. Apparently they are in high school or somesuch, and what I'm discerning is that the cool chicks have Barbie bods and the losers have Skipper bods. Remember Skipper? She was way too tall for a 10 year old.

Anyway, I've decided that I'm going to review the shorts they play on the Disney channel. No one asked me to, I don't make money off it, but I need to get my biased opinions out somehow so here goes:

Emily Yeung--
Emily is a spot that lasts maybe 3 full minutes. Tomorrow I'll time it. In her spots, Emily, who appears to be 8 or 9, learns lots of things by going on mini field trips. Today she went to a pioneer village and learned how to make bread. Emily is VERY precocious, and asked a lot of adult questions that I'm certain were NOT on flash cards behind the camera. She made whole wheat bread, and pioneer chick made white. They baked together in perfect harmony. Emily also got to meet an elderly Clydesdale who I'm certain was NOT being put to use pulling plows being that he was only one of two horses in the "pioneer village."

I actually really dig these shorts because Emily gives me hope that my super nerdy to be kid won't necessarily get the tar beaten out of her, and in fact might end up being seen every morning on some channel like Discovery Kids.

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