Saturday, May 05, 2007


Ok, all of you are probably aware that we (meaning me and the child, not DH) are not sleeping. This has gone WAY beyond the time when one expects to not be sleeping with a "newborn." I mean honestly, the kid is practically playing field hockey already.

So she's been waking up every 1/2 hour recently. By recently I mean the prior four nights to last night. Last night I gave up. I rocked her to sleep and was holding her. I needed to scratch my itchy tick bites. I made to scratch. SHRIEK. Ok, fine. I'll sit here in misery, hoping this colossal itch doesn't indicate that the baby tick injected puppy serum into my abdomen and giant wolf hound babies are getting ready to erupt.

She finally got to sleep and I moved her into her travel crib. I went to bed 15 minutes later on the sofa. 2 hours later the fiend awakened. I got her, rocked her back to sleep, put her back in her travel crib. Went back to bed on the sofa after eating a yogurt because that rocking back to sleep? Took ONE FUCKING HOUR.

3 hours later she woke again. Got her out, rocked her back to sleep. Put her back in her travel crib. Went back to sleep on the sofa.

2 hours later, again. By this time it was after 6am and I figured WTF and got up and made coffee. I walked over, handed her the bottle in her crib, and by God went and made coffee and took the dogs out. I walked back into the house to find her lying on her side, drinking formula, watching the Disney channel. And lest anyone imagine otherwise, no, I turned the TV on for her before I walked away. She's only managed to chew on the remote and switch the language to French so far.

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Jennifer said...

Oh man. That sucks. :(

I sure hope she gives you a break one of these nights!!!!!