Sunday, May 13, 2007

Wonder Tube is Dead

Long Live Wonder Tube.

Yesterday afternoon a wicked storm came through and a bolt of lightning hit the transformer in our driveway. When it did, a surge of power electrified the house and then everything went black. We were without power until 11:45pm when the wonderful men from Progress Energy finished fixing the transformer. They are my new heroes, as 8 hours of no power with a young baby is just about more than any sane person can take.

When the power came back I attempted to turn on the TV. Nope. Nada. Zilch. Zip. The Big Donut Hole.

I tried every outlet on the surge suppressor. I tried the wall itself. Nope.

Everything else plugged in right there is fine.

Rich is hoping it's a fuse inside the TV. So am I. It sounds stupid, but that TV was one of very few things that came with me when I got divorced. I received almost nothing. I've had it for 7 years, and loved her. She was beautiful. Football was ENORMOUS on that screen. Rich loved her too.

So RIP to my boon companion of my 30s. We enjoyed many a L&O together.


Battle scarred, yes. But still alive. The surge blew her fuse, which we replaced. There are some dead pixels in her corners, but she's still watchable. If the pixels spread, well..... But for now, it's all good.

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Erin said...

Yeah for fuses!!! I am glad she is working again!!!! I can not imagine all day w/ a baby and no power!!! Lots of love!!