Saturday, July 21, 2007

An Exercise in Futility?

Today I am getting my hands on The Book. I'm sure you know which book I mean, and if you don't you're living under a rock. Suffice it to say that with each of the previous 6 books it has taken me less than a day to read them. For this one, I'll be lucky if it takes me a month.

Which leads to the halfassed point of this blog. If ANYONE has the nerve to tell me what happens in said book, I will cudgel them to death. And I am NOT joking.

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Who am I? said...

I never read the first six books so I can tell you nothing. I am the only person on the planet, however, that it is safe for you to speak to. You should only be talking to me until you finish the book. :-)

Erin said...

My best friend just showed up yesterday w/ this book... She knew I was broke and couldn't afford it till next week... I can not wait to start reading it too... My Dh is reading it right now... I told him if he tells me anything he will die!!! LOL Have you seen the new movie? I loved it!! One of the best!!

Julie said...

LOL!!! Go to a movie. HEHEHEHE


Um, nope. Haven't seen it. ;)

Cynde said...

I have read the book but you know that already. Even my mom asked me ahead of time if I was going to have an HP weekend. I assured her I was. I told her no spoilers as she was watching a story on the news about HP and I was afraid she might say something. You never know.

Put it this way, when in China I took a picture of a PoA posted in Chinese and got excited. Yes that was years ago but still! I am a geek, lol.

emperorp said...

BTW, you will fustigate them to death, not cudgel them.

Fustigate means to beat with a cudgel.

Oh the joys of being a d&d geek.

Julie said...

Ted, you are a true spaz.