Sunday, July 29, 2007

A new home?

Rich has found a home on four acres in the lake area for $128k. Yes. $128k. It IS a 12 year old doublewide, but we aren't proud. Given that a lot of doublewides put our current home to shame with all of their amenities, I think if this one proves to be a gem we can happily stick "Trailer Trash" hats on our heads and call it a day.

The reason the price is so low? Duke Power has a tower on the land that the home sits on. It's putting people off. I don't think we care. It depends. We'll do a bit more research first, but we're going to drive out today just to see if this is actually a pipe dream or a dream realized.

FOUR ACRES. No traffic. Fenced in half acre of yard for the dogs to run around. HUGE outbuilding. Carport. FOUR ACRES. You can't BUY four acres of land for $128k these days. But we might be about to.

Please please please let this all work out. Let us get a loan. Let us sell this house quickly. Please let this be The Thing to do.


Yeah, so this is SO not The Thing to do. We drove through EBF Wake County, which is not terrible, but then we turned on a gravel lane that was exactly wide enough for ONE vehicle at a time. Also not terrible, although my truck would never make it with the suspension problems I have. We drove and drove, sometimes close enough to people's home that we could see inside their windows. We got to the very end of the lane and there stood The Tower. Close enough to the front door of the house to be hit with a rock. It was FUGLY, and I'm assuming that having electrical pulses being sent out that close to one's home isn't a great idea. Also, the neighbors were about 100 ft from the front door of the house. Um, FOUR ACRES and you put the house right there? That was a wee bit retarded. So after being accosted by an insane country dog who tried to eat the tires on our Jeep we beat a retreat. Both of us are disappointed, but we'll keep looking.


Barb said...

Sorry about the house Julie! That sucks. We had the same sort of thing happen to us while we were looking. However, we did find the perfect house and so will you.

Keep trying! Good Luck!

Safeena said...

"hell's Four Acres"

Theu built so close to the powerline so the a$$ probing mother ship could find them.


Kelly said...

Talk about a bummer. I hope you find another good deal, where the previous owners weren't so stupid.

emperorp said...

or it could have been built that close to the power lines so the mothership couldnt find them.

How many times was transporter access blocked on Star Trek because they were too close to something interfering with the beam?

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