Monday, July 16, 2007


Yes, another post about sleeping, or lack thereof.

Livvie just will NOT sleep. She's currently in her swing, crying, whining, and generally making it known to Wake County that mommy sucks for expecting her to nap.

I also expect her to let me get some sleep at night, but that's another story.

How do you get to be a person who refuses to sleep? Imagine sleep, if you will. Imagine getting drowsy, sinking into your blankets, letting your eyes close, and then finally going to sleep. Awesome, isn't it? Now why would anyone NOT want to feel that way? Why would a kid prefer to cry and carry on and give herself a headache rather than get some rest?

Every nap is a battle. She refuses to let me rock her during the day anymore. Driving her around town sometimes works, sometimes doesn't. The only thing that is surefire most days is the swing. The swing can hold up to 30 pounds of child, so I don't know what we'll do when she grows out of it. For now though, it's saving my sanity.

So lets hear it for the Graco Lovin' Hug swing. I might end up having the damn thing bronzed.

AFTERNOON EDIT: Now she's on hour 2 of a swing nap that involved no fussing whatsoever. I'll be damned if I can figure this kid out.

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