Friday, July 20, 2007

The Wiggles

Yes, I'm finally going to write about the creepy, Star Trekkie outfitted Australians who entertain our children. Oh, I know not ALL of our children, but I'd say that given how much money these guys have made (about a bajillion dollars) and how many DVDs they have out, a large portion of the tot population is zoning out on them.

We have their Wiggles Show episodes DVRd. This is because I'm too cheap to buy the DVDs. Also, they seem to have a lot more music on them, whereas the DVDs have a great deal of little talking bits, interviews with people and field trips and such. My only exception might be the Wiggles Safari, because they have a large bit with Steve Irwin, and I miss him desperately.

Livvie adores the songs. Us? Not so much. Some of them aren't too bad, and the music is usually very catchy. But the LYRICS. My God. A song called Calling All Cows contains the lyric, "We've got some news in from the city. They need some milk 'cause it's white and pretty." HUH? However, unlike some children's performers these guys actually do play their own instruments. We're even on a first name basis now. I know Greg (yellow) is in charge, Jeff (purple) sleeps, Anthony (blue) eats, and Murray (red) doesn't do a whole lot of anything except look somewhat skinny and a bit freaked all of the time. Oh, he's also their guitar man. Whatever dude. You're a bit odd.

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They also have animated bits where everyone is bug eyed and full of leering teeth. If you never knew teeth could leer, I'm telling you right now that they can.

We watch upwards of 6 half-hour episodes a day, sometimes more than once. Given how annoying these are, it tells you quite a bit about what it does for my child. Even when she's not paying attention to the TV their music in the background seems to keep her calm and playing happily. And for this, as much as it pains me, I will always be grateful to the Wiggles.

And scarily enough, if they ever make it to our little corner of the world I'll take Livvie to the concert. Everyone always looks like they're having a blast.


jennyquarx said...

I ALMOST bought a Wiggles DVD today, but I am waiting for someone to hook me up for his birthday. Thanks for the primer though. Now I will be prepared.

Booger Mommy said...

Fruit Salad! Yummy Yummy!!

I might have to get in my Big Red Car and get some. And maybe some Cold Spaghetti, too.

See? It gets in your blood, man. And it never leaves.

Like a fungus.

You crack me up.

Cynde said...

I might have to shoot myself after having Children. Not sure I am strong enough to take kid's shows.

Nicki BL said...

Julie - you are my new hero for watching that show!!! You must love Livvie. LOL

I used to think Barney was bad, but man ... those dudes are freaky to me.